What Skills Should I Put on My Resume?

You are a recent graduate or a stay-at-home mom lacking work experience? You need to know the assets that can help you get a job and set you apart from other competitors? Here we explain how you can write a special resume form, also known as functional resume, where the focus is on your skills rather than your experience.

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Why Do I Need to Focus on My Skills?

Whether you are a newbie or you just have a gap in your career, looking for a job in today’s market can really be a challenge. You think you need to have it all, both the experience and skills, but that is not always the case.

Knowing what skill sets can work as an advantage for you can be the key in climbing your way up the ladder. It sounds so basic and too good to be true, but a couple of good tips form experienced individuals could make Lady Luck smile on you.

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I Heard There Are ’Soft’ And ’Hard’ Skills. What is the Difference?

Two sets of skills are what most employers are expecting to see in your resume. Usually, ’hard’ skills are placed first as they showcase abilities closely related to the position you are applying for. Teachable abilities, such as the ability to speak multiple languages, different certificates or degrees, typing speed or a special software knowledge are considered to be in this group.

If you look at a job advertisement and it states that you should be fluent in at least 3 other languages and you hold the certificate for all three, state it first and emphasize it as well. Make sure your potential employer reads it. A functional resume form can help you reach this goal, so go ahead and read some more about it.

Subjective skills, also known as ’soft’ skills, can form a better picture of yourself in the eyes of your employer. Since it is subjective and difficult to quantify, you can reach for your imagination for help. Keep in mind they must be true as well as believable.

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You can say you are a team worker, but don’t state how you are able to do an assignment of each team member. It is too good to be true and your proposal might be rejected only because of this small mistake.

Leadership, motivation, time management and patience are some key features you can always include, but list them in a special order once you get to know what is expected of you for a certain position.

What Are the Most Desirable Skills?

It depends on the position. Previous working experience can get you a long way when it comes to both groups of skills. But most of the time it is easier for an employer to offer you training for a specific ’hard’ skill than to make you change your personality.

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An unreliable person can’t become reliable over night, don’t you agree? Therefore carefully choose a set of ’soft’ skills that can describe you the best, no exaggeration needed. And when it comes to teachable skills, well, it is an investment of both your time and money. Attending special courses can get you an advantage with most employers and it always makes your resume shine.

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