Resume Writing Help –The Important Things to Include In Your CV

Your resume sells you in the job market and makes your potential employer aware of your competencies and career goals. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced candidate who is desperately seeking a career opportunity, you need a perfect resume to get that new job. We are going to try to help you to understand the right techniques of curriculum vitae writing. It enables you to present your work history, credentials and accomplishments in a simple, compact and attractive format.

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  • To an impressive and professional-looking resume, you need to know what you should include and exclude from your curriculum vitae. The first thing should be considered before you start writing your CV is to understand the job position you are applying for and write your CV accordingly. Many companies ask you to provide your details in a particular format. In such a case, you no need to write resume separately.
  • You need to write your CV in a standard format. There are three common resume writing formats, i.e. functional, chronological and hybrid. Choose any one of these formats according to your experience level and what you want to highlight in your CV.
  • Work history or professional experience is one of the most important section of your resume. Employers focus on this section more than any other section. Hence, make sure to highlight your past work experience thoroughly.
  • When you send your CV to the concerned person, always make sure to proofread it before sending. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates, then you should send a cover letter along with your resume. Write a cover letter that clearly indicates your goal. In this regards, go through some cover letter tips to write a perfect cover letter.
  • If you have more than 5 years of experience, then no need to mention each experience in details. Otherwise, your curriculum vitae becomes too lengthy. Most probably, hiring managers do not read every CV word for word due to the time limit, they just take a glance and make their decision. Therefore, if you have more than 5 years of experience, then write brief descriptions for each work experience.

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  • Write contact details including your residential and email address, mobile and landline numbers at the top of your resume along with your name.
  • If you are thinking to include your hobbies, then there is no such rule of thumb. If you have any hobby that is relevant to the job position, then it is a good idea to mention it in your curriculum vitae.

Having a perfect resume is the first step to obtaining your dream job opportunity. With a proper knowledge of resume writing, you can create a good CV that can help you impress your potential hiring manager and land that interview.

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