How to write a good cover letter?

You have spent so much time writing a CV worth reading? You invested all your energy in those 3 pieces of paper which you are proud of but somehow there is still something missing? We might know what, it is a well-written cover letter.

To improve your chances of getting hired, we simplified the steps to creating a perfect cover letter to follow your resume. It may only take a couple of hours to write it, but if you land that desired job, it will be for a lifetime.

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1. Present yourself well

When writing a cover letter, always begin with the self-introduction. This can be written in a less formal and more interesting way. Present yourself as someone their team cannot be without by stating your strongest sides. Clarify your soft skills in this section but don’t emphasize it too much just yet. Save some for later.

2. Clarify and expand your resume

This doesn’t have to mean that you need to mention every part of your CV in this section. Rather than doing so, pick important parts such as previous experience and clarify it. Mention your accomplishments throughout your working career and roles you had that might relate to the position you are applying for.

Here you are basically selling yourself to the potential employer. Add every milestone in your career that you had no place to write in your curriculum vitae and give details. Whoever is reading your CV, if they like it, they will read the cover letter top to bottom. This is why you have to make it as interesting and as appealing as possible.

3. Show you can research well

At the end of your cover letter, it might be a good idea to show how well you researched the position you are applying for. This can show your future boss that you are actually a detail-oriented, hard-working person which is always a plus. Explain how you understand what is expected of you and add how you can meet those criteria and exceed them.

4. Make your cover letter personal

Anyone writing a resume needs to make sure that it is not written like a story. It should be formal and professional as well as concise. These criteria leave no room for a personal touch on your job application which is where a cover letter jumps in. Follow the advice given above but also put your heart into it. You want your employer to feel like he knows you even before he meets you in person and that right there is a huge advantage.

Cover Letter

It is not a secret that the market today is very competitive and you should step it up as much as possible. Use every advice to your advantage and secure your desired position. Why waste more time when you know all the secrets of ‘the trade’? Write a CV using some of the templates specially designed to go along a well-written cover letter and success will be served on a silver plate before you know it!

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