How to Customize Your Resume for Each Job You Apply to?


Are you at the beginning of your professional career? Or you are an experienced person who just needs a change of scenery? You begin to wonder how much time you will have to spend writing various forms of resumes to fit each job you apply for and you already spent hours making the last one? The answer to this question is simple, just customize your resume, sit back and wait for the call.

To know how to customize your resume doesn’t mean to write it all over again each time you wish to apply for a job in a different line of business. It actually means to adapt it so it could be used almost every time you click the ’Apply’ button.

However, it is a skill which sometimes may take years to master. And since you are probably a beginner, here it is simplified and brought as close as possible so anyone can excel at customizing their resume.

A  Job Title is a Game-Changer

Before you make any changes in the one you already have, make sure you know the exact position you are applying for. Identify the requirements and responsibilities as well as the specific job title. This can give you a great advantage since it provides you with relevant keywords for customizing your resume.

These keywords will ensure that your resume stays on ’the interview’ pile instead of being rejected immediately. Why is that, you ask? Since many employers have no time to go through every resume submitted, they developed a system. And that system is scanning for relevant keywords.

ATS or an applicant tracking system is a database containing all resumes being sent for a job opening and it recognizes specific applications that are worth checking in detail using keywords. Outsmart the machine by customizing your resume and don’t let artificial intelligence take another win.

Make this your goal, do a research as a professional, write down abilities you have that are required for the position and emphasize them. It is a real game-changer, as you will soon be able to see first hand.

Resume’s Target Job Title

This section of your resume is placed on the top of your resume, and it is a customization that shows you actually put some effort and time into researching the specific position and that you understand all requirements.

It is also an advantage with the ATS system. Below your personal and contact information, write a target job title, also known as a professional job title, and what is important, do it for every position you are looking to apply for.

Highlight Skills and Strengths

So far in the ’game’, you must be aware of which skills you consider to be your biggest advantage. Are they matching the skills required for the new job?

If you are in a line of work where required typing speed is more than 70 words per minute, but you are applying to be a field researcher, you won’t put this skill at the top of your list. Identify skills that you possess that could be transferred to other positions. For example, adaptability is always a good asset and it is transferable to a wide variety of jobs. Special software knowledge, for example, can be a transferable skill only if that specific software is being used in a line of work you are applying for.

Once you have identified skills and strengths that could get you a pass with ATS system, highlight them and list them first. When your resume falls into the hands of an actual person to be read in detail, highlighted points will be the first one they read.

Now you have more than just basic knowledge of customizing your resume. Laziness has never been a desirable quality for any employer. So, before applying for the position, take some time to ’dress it for the occasion’. That will drastically increase your chances of getting an interview more than you can imagine.

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