Floral Resume Template – Pamela Johnson

Looking for the best way to show your creativity to potential employers before you meet them in person? It has become more difficult to get to the point where you are invited to an interview, is one of the reasons we decided to make a CV template that will help you express your personality, as well as abilities. Floral Resume Template Pamela Jackson is original and speaks directly to the reader’s heart.

Creativity with the modern twist will charm any employer into calling you for an interview where you will have a chance to impress them on the spot. The first impression can only be made once and this CV template will make you shine! Highlight your diverse set of skills and assure the employer that your creativity can contribute to the team greatly and your modern look on the world will always keep the company moving forward. Our Floral Resume Template made in Microsoft Word organizes your skills and presents them in a unique way that your potential employer will just feel a need to hire you without even talking to you!



  • 1 page resume template and references .docx format (A4 + US Letter format)
  • 1 cover letter template .docx format (A4 + US Letter format)
  • 1 portfolio template .docx format (A4 + US Letter format)
  • ZIP file with fonts used in the CV template
  • Customer support. Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


► R E Q U I R E M E N T S

  • Edit in Microsoft Word (for Pc or Mac)
  • The fonts included in the package has to be installed so you have the identical look.

Don’t have Microsoft Word? Don’t worry! Free trial for both Mac and Windows you can download here.



  1. Add the resume to your shopping cart. After you purchase it, you will be redirected to the download page automatically and download the files instantly.
  2. Install the fonts used from the ZIP file included in our package.
  3. Open your resume file in Microsoft Word. Fill in your information in the template. Add or delete sections according to your needs. Be creative if you like, and change the colors or fonts!
  4. Print at home using your favorite choice of paper or take it to a local print shop. Create a PDF file to send it to your potential employer 🙂


► I M P O R T A N T

  • Feel free to contact us if there’s any problem with your resume.
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